Types of patterns

Standard +

Pattern Standard + is the largest technically possible among those mentioned. The distance that separates it from the esge is only ~0,8 mm. 



The Standard pattern covers almost the entire screen surface. Designed to be used without a case, or in combination with a case that doesn’t overlap the screen. The distance between the pattern and the edge is ~1,2 mm.


The Case Friendly pattern, as the name suggests, is perfect  if we want to combine it with a protective casing. This is due to the distance that separates the foil from the edge of the phone ~1,6 mm.

Case Friendly


Currently, the pattern is available for the best-selling models, while the database of available devices is constantly updated. The pattern has a larger cut in the upper part of the display, which does not cover the notch – the black part of the display. The distance between the blank and the edge of the phone is ~1,6 mm.


The Cover pattern is used when we want to protect the back of our phone as well. It will work best in a duet with a screen protecting foil. The distance between the blank and the edge is~0,8mm

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