All-Safe ™ Affiliate Program

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Benefits of participation:

operational maintenance of the Equipment on the Supplier’s side

reports and analysis with market trends once a quarter

priority of the availability of new materials and All-Safe™ solutions

guarantee of shipping a replacement kit within 24 working hours if the Partner reports a failure, if the Supplier is not able to solve the problem remotely using dedicated online service support
guarantee twice a year of promotional marketing or offer campaigns or competitions for customers or sales contests, provided that the Partner accepts the form and motility of the campaign or competition
training in the use of the system, product and sales training during visits, including guaranteed test products for practical training

regular incl. 1 quarterly visits by sales trainers

access to dedicated offers for Partners

arguments and sales patents
a guarantee of replacement of the set after 36 months from installation

All-Safe™ dedicated POS materials – stand, counter mat, leaflets, posters, etc.

mounting accessories package free of charge once a quarter

price discount settled per NIP (sum of all Partner machines). Calculated for all machines that reach min. 100 cuts in a given calendar month;

a) 5 pieces of film for PLN 0.01 if the number of cuts is exceeded 100 per month

b) 10 pieces of film for PLN 0.01 if there are more than 200 cuts per month

c) 15 pieces of film for PLN 0.01 if 300 cuts are exceeded per month

d) 20 pieces of film for PLN 0.01 if there are more than 400 cuts per month

e) 25 pieces of film for PLN 0.01 if 500 cuts per month are exceeded

The discount applies to purchases of All-Safe™ materials and can only be used by the Supplier’s purchasing platform