How to solve problems with All-Safe™?


Disconnect the device from the power supply:

· Turn off the plotter

· Disconnect the power cable and the charger cube

· Disconnect the cable from the phone

· Connect the plotter to the power supply and the charger cube

· Turn on the plotter

· Connect the phone again using the cable


Connect your device via Bluetooth:

· Turn on Bluetooth on the plotter (top button with blue BT symbol)

· In the 3mk app, go to settings and change the connection type to Bluetooth

· In the Plotter section – Bluetooth – Add a device (locate the plotter in the list and connect to it) (Default name: Portrait X-XXXXXXX)

Check that the metal roll of the device is not damaged (loose element).

Contact the All-Safe™ support team.


No Bluetooth found in the application

Check that the blue LED is lit on the plotter.

Disconnect the device from the power supply for approx. 30 minutes.


The plotter does not turn on

Make sure that the device is properly connected to the power supply and that the cable has not become disconnected from the plotter.

Check that the plotter cable has not been disconnected.

Disconnect the plotter from the power supply and restart it.

Disconnect the device from the power supply for approx. 30 minutes.

Contact the All-Safe™ support team.

Make sure the plotter has applied the Cutting Mat before cutting. This can be done using ⇧ button on the device.


Connect to the printer again via the 3mk application.

Check that the printer’s Wi-Fi is listed as a visible network.

Configure the printer again, following the instructions included in the kit or ask All-Safe™ support team to send you the instructions.

Check the ink level:

For the model without display

Open the printer cover. If the red light flashes, the ink level is low.

For the model with display

The ink level is shown on the device display.


Clean the print head.

For the model without display:

– Press and hold the Restart/Cancel button (middle button) until the power light (left button) flashes once and immediately release the button.

– The printer will start cleaning the print head.

– When the operation is complete, the power light stops flashing and goes solid.

For the model with display:

Go to settings using the function keys.

Select “Operation” and then “Cleaning”.

Select “YES” in the confirmation window.

If the problem persists, select the “Thorough cleaning” option.


For both models:

Remove the print head and rinse it under warm running water.

To add the missing module, please contact the All-Safe™ support team.

Make sure that your laminated print is correctly placed on the mat. The marker (black square, printed outside the design) should be in the top left corner.

Use a material called Label Cover Matt or SP for this.

· Remove the protective layer from the material.

· Place the material against the phone, aligning with the edge (this is easiest done by adjusting from the camera eyelet/fingerprint scanner).

Note: When fitting personalisation to the back of the phone, do not use Apprex Gel!


For newly purchased devices:

Contact the All-Safe™ support team and ask for setting up an account.

For devices you already have:

Contact the All-Safe™ support team to provide login details.

Make sure you scan the correct code for your model (Phone, Watch or Tablet).

Contact the All-Safe™ support team.

Make sure that you enter the correct device name and that you do not make any typos.

If the model is not available, please send your request via the application.

In the application settings, press “Make a request” and select “Cut-out correction”.

Remember to mention in the comments what needs to be corrected.

Send 3 photos to the All-Safe™ support team (1 – full device, 2 – area to be corrected, 3 – part of the phone where the problem occurs – remember to send photos with the film installed).

Clear cache (Hold down the 3mk application icon and press ‘phone info” then go to “Memory” and clear cache).

Restart your phone.

Update the application if an update message pops up in the main menu.

Check that the network to which your phone is connected is working.

Clear the cache (see above).

Restart the application.

Restart your phone.

Make sure the name is typed correctly.

Restart the application.

Make sure you use the latest version of the application.


Check the blade settings (default value “5”).

Make sure the blade is fitted correctly. No empty space between the blade and the carriage.

Use the blade adjustment tool to screw the plastic on the underside.

Check that the blade is fitted correctly. No empty space between the blade and the carriage.

Set the default value (the red vertical line should be on the value: 5).

Contact the All-Safe™ support team.

There is a sticker on the side casing of the carriage indicating the version.

Contact the support team for verification.


Clean the Cutting Mat with liquid (Apprex Gel can be used) and wipe with a clean cloth.

Order a new mat.

· Go to as.3mk.global.

· Select the model you are interested in and the personalisation option (case, skin).

· In the left corner, tap on the cloud icon to select the graphic that you are interested in.

· Customise the graphics to your preference.

· Select “Order” in the top right corner.

· Go to a 3mk On-Demand service provider with the generated code


The largest cut-out technically possible (~0.8 mm from the edge).


The cut-out covering almost the entire surface of the screen. Designed for use without a case or with a case that does not overlap the screen (~1.2 mm from the edge).


The cut-out can be used with any case (~1.6 mm from the edge).


Cut-out pattern for the back of your phone. The largest technically feasible.

The main ingredient of the gel is demineralised water, which has no conductivity.

Use your application login details at salespoint.allsafe.3mk.pl

Download a report for the selected period.


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