Novelty on the market!

Personalised skins

Personalisation and protection directly on your phone!

3mk Skin™ is an innovative way to decorate your phone. Our new system allows you to prepare a fully personalised phone protection that is installed directly on… the back of your phone!

What do you get with 3mk Skin™?

  • a unique solution on the market
  • personalisation of customer needs
  • wide availability of models and the possibility to add a pattern in 30 minutes – no customer will leave disappointed!

And all of this at the point of sale, in 5 minutes, on the spot, without any unnecessary stock and with materials you already have!

  • any graphics in 5 minutes
  • precise cut and adhesion
  • protection directly on your phone
  • tried and tested system

Why All-Safe™?

Protect every device!

All-Safe™ gives the possibility to protect any device; smartphone, smartwatch, tablet in a few moments. You just need 0.25 m² of space for this!

Warehouse revolution!

All-Safe™ completely revolutionizes the warehouse management! Don’t worry about the stock! Don’t worry about product rotation! Universal materials for every device. Everything in one place!

New device available in 30 minutes!

The 3mk project team is able to add a new, on demand device to the system in just 30 minutes!

Personalise as you wish!

All-Safe™ 3.0 is an unique, patented, innovative personalization solution. From now on, you can put any photo or graphics onto a case on the spot.

Ready to use!

All-Safe™ is an intuitive, compact system. You get everything you need, phone with the smart APP included. Open the box and start selling.

Top materials!

All-Safe™ offers certified materials, constant development and the wide range of products.

Simple to use

A small compact set ideal for any situation

10 000 indexes
in 0.25 m2

Innovative application

That’s it! Simple, fast and convenient!

Furthermore, the 3mk All-Safe™ system is a ready-made, complete infrastructure that replaces the entire production line!

  • You only need 0.25 m² of space to start producing your personalised protective products.
  • The pattern database is regularly updated.
  • You have access to reports generated specifically for your shop and 24/7 access to technical support.


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