All in One (AiO) system
Revolution in the sale of protective accessories for mobile devices.

Increase your sales by NOT increasing your stock.

You can now produce high-quality protective films and personalised cases for your phone,
smartwatch and tablet yourself, adapting the quantity and type of products to current


All you need is: an AiO system and 0.42 m2 of point-of-sale space.

In addition to equipment, you will receive know-how and ongoing technical support from


Meet the All in One (AiO) system

The AiO system consists of a plotter with an application for producing screen protection films and a printer for personalised printing of protective cases for smartphones. The devices operate independently of each other.

Explore the AiO personalisation system:

• The plotter with integrated application enables the production of as many as 44,000 combinations of film cut-outs. You can protect any screen regardless of the model of mobile device,

• Application support is available in 14 languages,

• Customer service is available in English 7 days a week,

• Online training in the use of the system,

• You only need 0.42 m 2 of free space to start the business,

• CE-certified equipment,

• Plotter and printer software produced in the EU,

• Power supply 230V, energy consumption ECO,

• Weight 7.8kg, box size 60x30x31 cm, • Shipping in 24 hours, delivery within 7 working days.

Discover our AiO-compatible protective films

Together with the AiO system, you will receive 5 types of protective film to solidly protect the screen of any smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.
• Certificates: PZH, JSH, ROHS,

• Complies with EN 50102:2001,

• Personalisable with 5 types of protective film,

• Each type of film is labelled with a divider showing the name and key features of the product.

Discover our AiO-compatible protective case

Together with the AiO system, you will receive 3 types of cases that are guaranteed to protect your smartphone. A personalised print can be applied to the case or to the back of the phone (skin).

· Customised graphics for phone case or skin available in 5 minutes,

· Personalisable with 3 types of protective cases:

– Armor Case

– Satin Armor Case+

– Skinny Case

· Personalisation for the back of the phone (skin) for 700 smartphone models,

· The printer can print as many as 60 prints with a full ink cartridge,

· Toner replacement time – 30 seconds,

· Compact 28×32 cm printer size.

Discover our AiO-compatible skins

3mk Skin™ is an innovative way to decorate your phone. Our new system allows you to prepare a fully personalised phone protection that is installed directly on the back of your phone!

What do you get with 3mk Skin™?

· a unique solution on the market

· personalisation of customer needs

· wide availability of models and the possibility to add a pattern in 30 minutes – no customer will leave disappointed!