The most resilient screen protector in the 3mk Protection history.

Strengthens the screen by over 600%

HARDY® PROtector is a film that has a special anti-impact underlay, thanks to which the screen reinforcement is able to reach as much as 600%.

Simple and quick installation

The HARDY® PROtector film can be installed both wet* and dry. In both cases, the installation is virtually problem-free. This also applies to rounded screens, which are the most troublesome
to install.


* in All-SafeTM 1.0 is wet installed only

Three functional layers

The HARDY® PROtector is equipped with three functional layers – antimicrobial, oleophobic and self-healing.

Antimicrobial layer

The antimicrobial coating kills up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

Improved oleophobic layer

Thanks to its oleophobic layer, the film is very easy
to maintain – cleaning is more convenient. In addition, the HARDY PROtector is pleasant to the touch and provides better finger glide.

Self-Heal™ layer

The film has a self-healing layer that extends its life. It makes minor damage and microscratches disappear.